Haus of Gaunt

Vintage moth and moon hand mirror set - Discounted

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A decorative hand mirror. This vintage mirror and brush set features ornamental detail on the metal handle (original) while the back has been hand foiled (in gold) over an original Haus of Gaunt design

To protect the foil and design it has been covered with a thin, plastic backing.

The mirror is in a good condition for its age, with a few surface blemishes - minor tarnish due to age (such as small scratches) can be expected. There are some slight blemish and minor imperfections in the design - the price has been adjusted to account for this. All blemishes can be seen in the images. 

The brush  is also in good condition for it's age and the bristles are set into wood. The bristles have some staining but due to age this can be expected. This brush is intended as a decorative item only but can be used depending on your personal assessment of the bristles. 

Both the frames are matching. 

Perfect as a gift for a vintage beauty lover or to hang as a wall decoration.

Mirror: 33.5cm by 12cm
Brush: 26.5cm

PLEASE NOTE: * The plastic backing has been created from a thin plastic. To help it last please keep the mirror out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat.

*As the item has been decorated by hand and not mass produced there may be minor imperfections but they do not distract from its beauty.

*Each brush has been thoroughly cleaned but some fibres may still remain

*As both a vintage and hand embellish item minor wear and tarnish is to be expected.