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Haus of Gaunt

Crying moon iron on patch

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Our Haus emblem, the crying moon as a beautiful embroidered patch.

Black with metallic golden thread detailing this iron on patch can make a great addition to any bag or jacket.

Instructions for application can be found below, please note these do not come with the patch itself but will remain online for your reference. 

Measures: 3.5 inches


Check your item is suitable to be ironed - this is important as you don't want to ruin your garment! If your item cannot be iron you can simply sew on your patch instead :) 

Grab a towel or non-stick heat proof paper such as baking paper.

Heat up your iron to a medium/high temperature that isn't a steam setting.

While your iron heats decide on your patch placement. 

Place your towel or heat proof paper over your patch and prepare to press with your iron.

Press for 30 seconds applying some pressure - try not to move your iron around, this will allow the glue backing to melt and your patch to adhere. Check on your patch, if it hasn't adhered give it another 30 second press on top of your towel/heat proof paper.

Now your patch is ready to rock and roll!

While the patch is iron on, you might want to add a few stitches after application if adding to a frequently washed item.

Patches can be washed but like all garments, frequent wear and washing can impact the condition of your item.