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Haus of Gaunt

PRE-ORDER gold foil bookmark selection: individual selections available

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This listing is for a pre-order for four gold foil bookmark designs including two brand new designs and alterations on some previous styles.

A pre-order helps us check the demand for an item and assures you will receive one. As a thank you for ordering early and helping these items get created faster they're available at a discount for a limited time, once the pre-order ends they will be back at the usual retail price.

We have hit our minimum target so they're going into production :)

As it is a pre-order these beauties will take longer to ship out as the making needs to be factored into the wait time as well as the duration of the pre-order, because of this any items ordered alongside the pre-order will be shipped once the bookmarks arrive. We promise the anticipation will be worth it!

This isn't our first time making bookmarks/delivering a pre-order or using this manufacturer so we have every confidence in bringing you something wonderful. 

Important info:

  1. Each bookmark is classed as an individual item so you can order multiples of a design, one of each or even just one of your favourites. 

  2. This pre-order will be open for 9 days until Monday the 27th of June , after this time I will email all that have pre-ordered the results of the pre-order and time estimations for manufacturing and dispatch which currently stands at around 2-3 weeks.

  3. These images are mock-ups as a guide to show the designs so the finished result will appear different, we've also added some images of our previous bookmarks so you have a guide on how our foiled bookmarks look once made.

For info about the bookmarks you can see their info here and designs on the images:

Each bookmark has it's own unique design on both the front and back that will be foiled in gold for a striking gold on black effect. They will be finished in soft touch lamination like our usual bookmarks which adds a luxurious feel. 

Each one will also be 350gsm thick and 17cm tall, the perfect size for all books although these ones WONT have a tassel like previous versions and styles.

We've got plenty of examples of our previous designs along with reviews in our bookmark section and on our Etsy :) 

Measures: 17cm x 5.5cm and 350 GSM thickness.