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Antique petit point vanity set

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 A beautiful matching mirror and brush set with ornate handles.

This brass vanity set contains it's original petit point embroidery, a stunning ribbon bound bouquet protected behind glass, while the handles contain delicate and ornate scrollwork with a bulbous stem. This item is most likely from between the 1920's to 1930's as is a popular style for the time and has a glass covering on the back which is typical of older vanity items. 


The mirror in this pair is large and in good condition with age expected wear in the form of de-silvering along the back and some mild cloudiness. The lines this produces can be seen in the images. The protective glass backs on these items are in great condition - there are some minor marks to the embroidery/staining but all can be seen in the images. Wear like this can be expected due to the age of the item.

The brush is also in good condition for it's age however the embroidery has darkened more than the matching mirror. Some bristles have become bent or thin due to age and use but these elements of an expected amount for the age of these items. These bristles are natural boar brush bristles and are not plastic. This brush is intended as a decorative item only but can be used depending on your personal assessment of the bristles. 

All wear can be seen in the images but for the age of these items they are in good condition and match the charm of it's aesthetic. 

Perfect as a gift for a vintage beauty lover.


Brush 25 x 8cm
Mirror 33cm by 12cm

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Due to restrictions on animal based products this item is not available for AUS customers.