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What is Haus of Gaunt? Where does it come from? What do you DO exactly? Just a few of life's unanswered questions. Well, I can answer them for you so don't ponder anymore.

Haus of Gaunt is, metaphorically and figuratively, my baby haha. This little enterprise has stemmed from my love of creativity and serious hoarding habits. In  2019 I began painting to help with my mental health and that has gradually evolved into what you see today. Officially, we are a company based in the UK that offer original art work and vintage wares - unofficially, we are a creative duo just putting things we find cool out into the world.

The name, of course, comes from my partners surname: Gaunt. It will also be my name when we get married (It'll happen eventually, we're just going through a veryyyy long engagement). I felt like it perfectly encapsulated the Gothic feel I was going for, I feel as though 'Haus of Gaunt' just has a good old timey feel to it y'know? But I am Steph, the creative director and artist (I feel strange calling myself an artist) behind the items you see. Mr Gaunt, while a hard worker, keeps things going behind the scenes. Mainly by keeping the kettle going at all times. He's a good egg.

Which leads to what do I DO? The million dollar question. The answer is of course that I create art and repair vintage items - the exact process is at the moment top secret but tutorials and insights will come along eventually! 

I won't give away too much else as we're still on a long journey and I can't wait to reveal more as we go: more products, more art, sharing other businesses and yes, eventually, how I make some of the items I do. So if you're invested in us and want to know more than stick around and enjoy the ride.

We're happy to have you here with us!

The Gaunts x


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