Small business love: Tarot edition part 1.

Small business love: Tarot edition part 1.

A massive part of creating our website was it would allow us the opportunity to share with you all fellow businesses that we adore. While we frequently post our faves on Instagram, this blog gives us a space to really display and support some of the talent and creativity that is out there. Sometimes you will see posts from Mr Gaunt but today I'm charge (I like to think I am all the time but he'd disagree).

Just as a disclaimer:
All the business we will and have ever posted about are businesses that we have brought from ourselves and they are not paid promotions; what you read here is an honest and authentic recommendation from one small biz about another.

So who is up first? And why is this part 1? Well, tarot is a big part of our lives and we already know we will need more than one blog post to share about it - from our favourite decks, deck creators, the wonderful souls who offer readings to eventually, our own deck (Be prepared for more on that later this year!). We will be talking about it all, but first up we have Keighley from @rocks.and.forgetmenots on Instagram. 

Keighley is a tarot reader from the UK who offers a variety of readings from oracle readings to small card pulls. I recently purchased a three card reading from Keighley as I was seeking some insight for my personal life. 

'Well, why didn't you read for yourself?' I hear you ask. Quite simply: reading for yourself can be hard. While it isn't for everyone (many people read for themselves and find the process perfectly fine) in my personal experience I have found that I can be more inclined to to 'choose' an answer, I can also be less intuitive or open. Sometimes facing a personal question can be difficult if you're not quite prepared to be emotional with yourself. So while I can read tarot, I don't always find reading for myself easy. Especially if I'm feeling emotional. Instead I'll consult some of the other wonderful readers I know and have heard about to see what insights they have for me, on this occasion it was Keighley. 

My reading was a general reading and was completed quickly, I didn't have to wait long at all. It was extremely thorough and detailed; with accompanying pictures of the cards:

 Tarot reading

If you are unfamiliar with tarot, fear not, as she explains what each card represents so you don't need to worry about not knowing them prior to your reading. She was honest and welcoming. All in all it was a lovely interaction that definitely helped provide me with clarity around the questions I had been pondering. 

If an online tarot reading is something that you have been considering I'd recommend Keighley whole heartedly. Her shop link and social media can be found here:

Do you have any favourite tarot decks/readers or even a favourite Tarot social media account? Let us know in the comments :)

Until next time,
Steph x 

*The images on this post are all from Keighley's instagram/my personal reading.

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