An ornate mirror held in a forest setting. Antique mirror reflection used for scrying

A guide to mirror Scrying with @Backyardbanshee

Scrying is the divination method of gazing into a reflective object to see and interpret visions or symbols that give insight into the future. It is said that the mirroring acts as a portal to the other side, where spirits and otherworldly beings can be contacted. You can use it as a method for inner reflection or a way to seek guidance for solutions if you don't personally use divination with spirit work.

Scrying divination has been around since antiquity with polished brass, crystalline surfaces or even bodies of water being used as tools to reflect and was utilised by many famous psychics such as Nostradamus who would use a bowl of water to gaze into to see visions of the future. There have been many ways to scry using reflective objects in the past, but my favourite is definitely with mirrors.

Scrying can help you with your own personal development and growth. If you're working on a personal issue or looking for assistance with a challenge, mirror scrying can provide some insights to help you move forward using your own insights to divine your path.

The mirror is a perfect tool for scrying because it is a two-way mirror – it allows you to see what is going on in the spiritual realm, while also being a barrier to protect yourself and this physical realm. Scrying is an important method of divination because it is one of the few methods that allows us to see beyond the veil of our everyday reality. It can be used by you, as the diviner, to contact spirits, gain insight into the future and to receive guidance from other realms. 

I always recommend doing mirror scrying after cleansing yourself and your space. Clearing and guiding energy that needs correcting will help you receive messages with precise intuition and allow you to practise with a clearer mind and space. When trying to use a mirror for scrying it can be beneficial if it has been consecrated specifically for divination.


A simple way to cleanse your energy and correct it for a mirror divination reading is by performing a mirror meditation. First, place a mirror in front of you and sit in front of it with your back facing the mirror. Relax and clear your mind for a few minutes if you find yourself distracted from thoughts or noise around you.  When you feel calm enough, turn around to face the mirror and say out loud: "In this space, in this time, I invite only the highest and best vibrations of love, safety and truth to be present. I ask that all lower vibrations, including any negativity or discomfort I may be feeling at this time to be released and transmuted into pure light."

As you say this, imagine a white light emanating from your chest and surrounding you, almost like a forcefield with only the best serving energy remaining for you.

When scrying with a mirror, it is reassuring to remember that the images you see are not necessarily real. As it is open to interpretation they may be purely symbolic or they may be mirroring something happening in this world such as your emotions. It is also important to note that the mirror itself may give you false images due to the nature of mirroring. However, if used correctly, mirror scrying can be a powerful way to gain insights into your own subconscious and the world around you.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when scrying with mirrors is to relax and clear your mind. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.


In order to scry using these stunning mirrors, you will need:

- A mirror from the collection that calls to you

- A quiet place where you will not be disturbed (no music, no noise, no people)

- A light source (candle or lamp)

Sit in a comfortable position in front of the mirror and adjust the light so that it is shining directly on to yourself and not on the mirror. Take a deep breath and relax your mind & body. Allow your eyes to become unfocused and stare into the mirror. Spend time focusing on your breath, on clearing your thoughts, try not to look for specific symbols but take note of any that come to mind. Explore those themes, the images that come to you, and see how they correlate with your current situations.

If you feel so inclined post-ritual, share with us a photo (either publicly or privately) of you enjoying your Haus of Gaunt beautiful mirrors for scrying.

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